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scholarshiplogoIn February’s Mensal I mentioned that our centre would be recognizing the outstanding achievements of our youth by awarding a scholarship to a student who is entering post-secondary education in September of 2011.

To give everybody some background, this scholarship was initiated by the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations of Ontario (ACAPO). Over the years ACAPO’s President José Eustaquio has encouraged all member clubs to participate in the scholarship but unfortunately many clubs (ours included) have failed their young members by not putting in the effort needed to raise the necessary funds. We apologize. Regrettably with all the work our committee members have on their plates, even a great idea can be pushed aside. Due to pressure from members, focus is always put on raising money for the centre so the next committee can leave more money in the bank than the previous one. I’m not saying this isn’t important, but I do think we should occasionally slow down and look at what else is important to the future of our community.

This year’s we’ve decided to move forward with the scholarship. Sandra Inacio and I have talked with the committee and decided to take on the project, which we are hoping to continue in the years to come. We have been writing letters and talking to people in an effort raise the money needed. We’ve raised $600 but our goal is $1000….if you would like to sponsor, please contact me.

ACAPO’s deadline for the scholarship was two weeks ago, but since José Eustaquio is so committed to the scholarship, he has been kind enough to offer us an extension – Friday May 20. Due to time constraints, we are keeping things simple – below is a list of what is needed to qualify.  Again I apologize for the short notice and the slow start.

  1. The scholarship is only open to NPCC members (and their children) which are in good standing – membership paid
  2. The student must be enrolled in a college, university or accredited trade school in the fall of 2011
  3. Provide a short essay explaining what the student’s involvement has been with our centre and why education is important to the student (max. one page).
  4. Deadline is 09:00 am on Friday May 20. (no exceptions)

A decision will be made Friday based on the essays and the winner’s name will be submitted to ACAPO. I will provide details regarding the ceremony when I get them. All submitted essays will become property of the NPCC to use, reproduce or distribute as it sees fit in it’s sole discretion.

Thanks to Eagle Productions and to Ontario Hyundai for their sponsorship. We are also grateful for Tito-Dante Marimpietri’s bringing forth our request at the March 3rd Oshawa City Council meeting. Finally thanks to José Eustaquio and ACAPO’s board of directors for initiating and believing in this program.

Good luck to everyone who enters and I look forward to finally seeing our Centre awarding this scholarship.

David Ganhão